Bodice Sloper, Pants Sloper, Open Pattern Creation Class

Bodice Sloper, Pants Sloper, Open Pattern Creation Class

Bodice Sloper, Pants Sloper, Open Pattern Creation Class

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Bodice Sloper:

In this class, you will learn the basic techniques to create perfectly fitting patterns from a photo, your own design or a commercial pattern.

Using your measurements, you will complete the basic pattern – or sloper. 

In 3 sessions – 3 hours each – we will-

  • Learn the measurement system used to draft your patterns.
  • Have your measurements taken.
  • Draft back and front bodice, skirt and sleeve patterns using your measurements.
  • Cut and sew the bodice, skirt, and sleeves in muslin.
  • Try on and fit this basic shell and make fitting corrections on the pattern.

Be sure to wear proper under garments for accurate measurements and fitting. 

We will provide-

  • Pattern instruction book - $10.00 paid to Susan
  • Pattern paper
  • Muslin is available to purchase at $4.50 Yd. or bring your own

Please bring –

  • paper scissors
  • fabric scissors
  • 18” clear ruler.
  • Pencils

Pants Sloper:

Making pants presents a special challenge. Of all garments, they demand the most perfect fit and are often the hardest to fit because there are so many different body shapes. 

Not to worry, though. In our pants sloper class, your measurements will be taken and then used to complete a classic, custom fit pattern for you, known as a sloper. No previous class is required. 

Once your classic style pants pattern is perfected in muslin, you can adapt it and create a wide variety of pant styles, always ensuring a perfect fit. 

The pant sloper class consists of three sessions which are three hours long. 

During this class you will:

Learn the measurement system used to draft your patterns

Have your measurements taken

Draft the basic pants pattern using your measurements

Cut and sew the pants in muslin

Make fitting corrections to the muslin and transfer them back to your sloper pattern

Complete your final fitting of muslin

Learn pants style variations: 

• Pedal pushers, capris

• boot cut, straight leg

Classes are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10:00 am-1 pm and 1:30 pm-4:30 pm.

Note: Please bring your measurement chart if you have taken the Basic Bodice Sloper class so that additional measurements may be taken and recorded. 

Open Pattern Creation Class with Susan

 After learning the basics in the Garment Design from your Basic Sloper workshop, continue developing your skills in pattern-making garment by garment. In this class, Susan will provide the assistance to add additional styling to your pattern.

You may start with a design of your choice based on a picture, drawing, or adapting a commercial pattern design. Or bring a design project in process to learn more techniques.

We will review cutting and assembly steps for the garment construction. Fitting adjustments can be made to your muslin constructed from this new pattern.

Schedule your class session as needed on Wednesday morning or afternoon, and Saturday Morning.

 Cost - $75.00 for a three-hour session

 Be sure to bring the following: 

  • Your basic sloper
  • Your measurement chart and pattern book
  • Current project or design
  • Notebook to take notes
  • 18” clear plastic ruler
  • Pencil
  • Red pencil
  • Paper scissors
  • Invisible tape



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