Fine Finishes - Seams, Hems, and Facings

Fine Finishes - Seams, Hems, and Facings

Fine Finishes - Seams, Hems, and Facings

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For a confident beginner or someone who wants who wants to deepen their skills and learn a variety of techniques for finishing seams, facings, and hems. 

You will practice sewing a variety of seams including, French, flat-fell, Hong Kong, and zig-zagged seams.  Learn how the fabric and garment style guides your choices for which seam finishes to use throughout your garment’s construction.

Likewise with hems, learn and practice a variety of techniques (very narrow hems, blind hems, rolled hems, use of stay tapes, etc.)  suitable for the fabric and garment style you are sewing.

You will also learn options and techniques for creating and finishing facings that are suitable for the type of fabric and garment that you are sewing. 

Bring to class list:

  • Your own sewing machine in good working order, along with all feet and manual (If available)
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Scissors or thread nips
  • Hand-sewing needles
  • Thread and a wound bobbin
  • Straight pins & pin cushion
  • Stitch ripper
  • Seam gauge
  • Marking tools (chalk, Frixion pen, tracing paper and wheel)

Fabric and other supplies will be provided in class

Please note that you should be familiar with your sewing machine and it should be in good working order.  This class is focused on learning and practicing specific garment construction techniques.


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